The 8th grade students travelled to Uganda for their ecology and service learning trip, an event they had been planning and fundraising for since the beginning of the academic year. On this trip, the students spent seven days traveling around Uganda and experiencing its beautiful nature, astounding wildlife, and unique cultures. In Entebbe, we visited the Botanical Gardens and, after some Tarzan-style swinging, learned about the different plant and wildlife that call the gardens home. After this, we visited Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. In the following days, the students continued to learn about wildlife at Mburo National Park as well as about the science of the equator. The highlight of the trip was Bwindi. The students visited a local orphanage to see some cultural dances, but the most rewarding aspect was the work they accomplished at the Batwa Empowerment Camp. Here they put their fundraised money to good use, building a new hut that will house two families. They worked hand-in-hand with the Batwa people and weren鈥檛 afraid to get a little, or a lot, dirty. The students got closer not only to the people of Uganda, but also to one another. This has been an amazing trip for all.